Polymed Therapeutics Inc -

You Strategic API Partner

Headquartered in USA, Polymed Therapeutics is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of active pharmaceutical ingredients (cGMP API). We are financially stable, technologically proficient and dedicated to providing premium products and services at competitive costs, to be the optimal strategic supplier.

The Solution to your Raw Material Needs

Polymed manufactures pharmaceutical grade products, with extremely tight limits for impurities and solvents. Having developed our proprietary technologies, we implement state-of-the-art manufacturing in our cGMP standard facilities to produce the highest quality products, meeting USP and EP standards. Moreover, our products are most competitively priced, and we can always expand our manufacturing capacity to meet demand. Our Paclitaxel has been approved for over 20 ANDA Paclitaxel drugs in EU; and our Docetaxel, Oxaliplatin and Paclitaxel are approved for ANDA/NDA drugs in USA.

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