Personnel Qualifications 

  • All employees meet Polymed educational requirements
  • In addition, employees are thoroughly trained:
    - Job specialty area
    - cGMP Training
  • An annual training program is formulated by each department, and administered by the Quality Unit
  • Polymed's emphasis on training ensures that each employee is aware of cGMP and is qualified in his/her specialty area


Self Inspections and Internal Audits  

  • Polymed carries out a regular program of self inspections and internal audits
  • These audits are extremely valuable in verifying cGMP compliance
  • Polymed uses the results of self-inspections and audits for the goal of continuous improvement of quality.


US GMP Consultant  

Richard E. Needham, an independent cGMP Consultant, audits Polymed facilities in China every three months to ensure cGMP compliance.