US Headquarters


Polymed Therapeutics is a wholly owned US corporation, headquartered in Houston, Texas. Very early on, we recognized and captured the strategic niche of being a US pharmaceutical company with manufacturing in China.

Competitive Advantages:

1. US Regulations & Standards
The criterion for Polymed being a reliable strategic partner is that it is totally bound to the laws of USA, and not China. Hence all contracts, agreements, legal documents, intellectual property, business transactions, et al are bound to US laws. All legal redresses would be conducted in US courts.
Furthermore, manufacturing strictly adheres to cGMP compliance. Facilities are built from scratch according to GMP standards and our independent GMP consultant conducts periodic audits. All products meet US and EP standards.
2. China Pricing
Since manufacturing is implemented in China, Polymed benefits from the low cost structure, and thus can provide the most competitive pricing to customers.

These strategic advantages allow Polymed to differentiate itself from other manufacturers, hence enabling us to be the ideal strategic partner for companies in USA and Europe seeking premier products and services.